I was talking to my patient today about weight loss. And it occurred to me that I needed to write a blog post about meridians and how they relate to metabolic waste, cellulite, loose skin. Also about understanding how working superficially doesn’t get rid of the problem. Woking deeper in the organ system organically will change the body permanently. So this post is going to be a brief explanation of four areas of concern for women. The front of the thighs are related  to the stomach meridian, inner thighs related to spleen, kidney and liver meridians, backs of the thighs related to bladder meridian, sides of the thighs related to gallbladder meridian. So, if there is fat build up in any of there areas, we need to focus on treating the stagnation in the related organ. I will also mention the belly because a lot of people have a little belly fat and hip fat. We are going to take weight loss to a whole other level by understanding real Chinese medicine and how using acupuncture to heal the organs will permanently changes your body. I’ll be back soon with more!