We are loving, healing, serious skin care professionals
that will help you reach your goals…naturally!

The Garden Spa’T is owned and operated by Tanis Rhines. Once a Cellular and Molecular Biologist — now a passionate Aesthetician, Tanis is able to bring her expertise in these two fields together creating a “Beautiful Fusion of Science and Nature”.

Tanis has been passionate about skin care her whole life but she did not start her career in the field of beauty, as you might expect, but in the laboratory where she pursued a scientific educational path. She not only is a Licensed Aesthetician but she also holds a Masters degree in Cellular and Molecular Biology and Chemistry which enables her to understand the activity and effects of ingredients on the skin.

Tanis’ philosophy is that “fit” skin begins with overall mental, physical and spiritual fitness and to support this, she practices raw veganism, yoga and consistent exercise. Regular organic facials and at home care using highly active pure ingredients is just one part of her beauty regimen that she would love to share.