Speciality Body Services

The Garden Spa’T is excited to introduce Mary Ascension Saulnier, a Body Specialist since 1979. Mary Ascension started her career doing onsite chair massage and created  “LA Onsite Bodyworks,” while continuing her education as a Pilates Therapist.  She co-developed Smartspine 2005 with her teacher, Marie Jose Bloom. Working at an exclusive Beverly Hills Salon for over 8 years. Mary Ascension has worked with many celebrity clients as well as TV Personalities. Mary Ascension has helped many celebrities lose weight and get fit. 

What are detox body wraps?

A detox body wrap is a custom made wrap to help each client reach maximum weight loss and body toning results.

In the detox wrap Mary use 47 herbs, coffee, green tea, 3 different salts, assorted clays and spices to help the body rid it self of metabolic waste. A custom mixture is painted on clients, after which a layer of Saran wrap, ace bandages, thermal pants and top, and a workout plastic wrap is put on the client. Finally, the client is ready for the Presso-Therapy Treatment. The client is compressed for an hour. After which the client is peeled out of his/her layers, exfoliated and cleaned. 

Cellulite Treatment – 15 minute Treatment 

Includes cupping, bamboo, Gua Sha, and MagicLite treatment.

Per Treatment $40.00

Cellulite Cupping – 45 minute Treatment 

An ancient Chinese technique uses rubber cups to glide over the dimpled areas of the body to drain, stimulate and improve the lymphatic system. Muscles are nourished and stimulated to decrease dimpling of the skin. This is an excellent treatment to have before the Ultimate Skin Toning Wrap, but can be used alone as well

Per Treatment $100.00     Skin Club $75.00


Presso-Therapy (No Wrap) – 45 minute Treatment 

Achieve the ultimate in cellulite reduction and detoxification. This treatment improves circulation, lymphatic drainage, digestion and muscular performance. Presso-Therapy tones the skin and smooths the appearance of cellulite, while reducing metabolic waste.

Per Treatment $100.00     Skin Club $75.00

Ultrasound And Lymphatic Drainage- 60 Minute treatment 

This advanced cellulite treatment is two technologies in one! The innovative therapies in this treatment of ultra sound and lymphatic drainage combine in this treatment to reshape you body and promote a smoother and healthier appearance to the skin.

Per treatment $175.00   Skin Club  $150.00


Presso-Therapy (Skin Tightening or Detox Body Wrap) – 60 minute Treatment 

The intensive nutrients in this body wrap flush out the lymphatic system and eliminates extra water weight. Additionally, the essential oils penetrate deep into the skin to take inches off the body. The result is a smoother, tighter skin, and healthier glow. This combinational therapy incorporates a state of art amethyst bio mat to burn calories, regulate weight, and remove additional metabolic waste, while boosting the immune system. Presso-Therapy is the ultimate in cellulite reduction and detoxification. It improves circulation, lymphatic drainage and muscular performance, while toning the skin and smoothing the appearing of cellulite.

Per Treatment $310.00   Skin Club $285.00


Add On Treatments

  • Glycolic Body     $40.00/15 minutes
  • Body Scrub/Exfoliate     $40.00/30 minutes
  • LightStim Body    $50.00/15 minutes
  • Paraffin feet     $40.00/20 minutes
  • Detox Foot Bath     $75.00/45 minutes