A Little Skin Physiology, Please…
Melanocytes are pigment cells located in the outermost layer of the skin and they provide our skin with color. Melanocytes produce melanin in varying degrees based on the level of an enzyme called tyrosinase; the more tyrosinase, the darker your skin will become. Tyrosinase is triggered by ultraviolet exposure, trauma and hormones. The role of the melanin is to protect the nucleus of the cell from damage. Hence, the deep, dark tan that looks so sleek and sexy is actually screaming deep, dark, damage!

Skin lightening ingredients have topped the “most wanted” list. So here is a little help in deciphering which ingredients will best suit your needs while supporting your personal philosophy of skin care.

Hydroquinone is an organic compound that is an effective tryrosinase inhibitors on the market. Although it is effective at inhibiting melanocyte production, at higher doses it has been found to affect cellular DNA and RNA while inhibiting normal cell metabolism resulting in beautifully even toned skin… which could be slightly cytotoxic! It is considered safe at 2% and 4% can be purchased from a medical doctor. The verdict is still out, but with many safe and effective natural lightening methods, there is no need to choose an ingredient that may be a possible carcinogen.

Azelaic acid is an organic fatty acid produced in wheat, rye, barley and Pityrosporum ovale, a type of yeast that lives on the skin. It too, inhibits the proliferation of melanocytes but it has less of a toxic effect on your skin cells than hydroquinone.

Paper mulberry extract, the main ingredient in licorice root extract (glabridin), Vitamin C, and bearberry plant extract (arbutin), are all effective tyrosinase inhibitors.

Kojic acid is another popular ingredient that actually inhibits the production of melanin in the melanocytes. Kojic acid is a by-product in the manufatcuring of sake. Wow, two great products produced at once!

It is possible to find products with a combination of these natural skin lighteners and The Garden Spa’T carries products with these ingredients for retail sale such as our Bright Skin Starter Kit to assist you in achieving the radiant complexion you deserve!