Sun Damaged, Aging Skin prone to Break-Outs

Bilberry is a relative of blueberry, cranberry, and huckleberry. It is the new super star of the skin care industry because it contains Vitamin C and chemicals called anthocyanosides, plant pigments that have excellent  antioxidant properties that improve skin texture, tone and overall health by protecting skin from free radical damage and UV rays.  Bilberry fruit is also rich in tannins, a substance that acts as an astringent for the skin while controlling inflammation and breakouts.

Bilberry Satin Smooth is our treatment cream that combines the power of bilberries with a punch of glycolic acid to increase cell turn over rate and reduce break-outs and signs of aging.

Skin with high levels of Sun Exposure, Hyperpigmented, Dull

Goji berries are a super food from the Amazon. Goji berries are high in astaxanthin, an antioxidant known as “natural sunscreen” that helps reverse and protect from sun damage. Gojis also contain more beta-carotene than carrots. Beta-carotene (which converts to Vitamin A) helps fight inflammation and encourages new skin cell growth.

Acai berries pack more grams of protein than an egg, and when combined with its host of omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids, acai has been shown to improve the look and texture of your hair, skin and nails.

Acai & Goji Berries Natural Defense Renewing Cream is the natural answer to your skin’s challenges.  This nourishing organic cream is spiked with watermelon and gooseberry to help protect against UV rays and brighten the skin.

Dehydrated, Dry, Itchy Skin that Lacks Luster

Apricots and the oil of the kernel is light weight and quickly absorbing.  It can soothe and tighten even the most dry crepey skin and works wonders all the way down to the decollete.

Eminence Apricot Masque with its mouth watering burst of fruit and honey is our solution for sun-exposed summer skin